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NEW! Referee Scheduling Software

Referees use your login/password to use our new REFEREE SCHEDULER

Login: ref,  Password: ref

Use this login to enter the website as a REF.  When logged in as a REF, you may view upcoming games and enter your name in the box as CENTER ref or ASSISTANT ref.

How the Region 83 referee scheduler works

There are just three easy steps to follow when scheduling yourself for a game:

  1. Login to the website

  2. Enter the search criteria for the games you wish to view

  3. Sign up for a game that has an opening

Logging in to the website

Visit the referee schedule website at this link:

Feel free to bookmark this link directly, or, you can always find a link to the website at on the referee web page.

Entering your search criteria

Once you are logged in, you will see a screen with various items listed such as [Category], [Date], [Game Time], [Location].  The system works by inputting a game selection criteria, and then displaying the games so you can sign up.

Let's do an example:

I want to referee a U10 Boys game on 05-Oct-2002.

  • In the CATEGORY box, highlight U10B

  • In the DATE box, select 05-Oct-2002

  • In the SHOW box, select ALL RECORDS (this will show both open and taken games)

  • Click on View Records

Signing up for your game

The list of U10 Boys games on October 5th are displayed.  Under each game is a set of three boxes -- one marked [C] for [Center] referee.  The other two are marked [A] for [Assistant] referee.  

Type your first and last name into the box you wish to sign up for.  Note: it is important that you input your name the same way each time.  This will allow you to search for games by [Ref Name] later on...

Once you have typed in your name, click on [Make Request].  That's all there is to it!  Your name will appear in the box in BLUE while waiting for the referee scheduling coordinator to approve it.

Why are some names BLUE and some names BLACK?

Games are color coded to indicate the scheduling status

  • Names in BLUE are game requests that are PENDING.  The referee administrator has not approved this request yet.

  • The names in BLACK are SCHEDULED.  The referee administrator has approved these game assignments.

Why are some games listed in GREEN?

Games listed in a green background are Priority Games.  In our database, we have listed all of early games as Priority.  This highlights those games that we want referees to sign up for first.

Other helpful hints

Searching for more than one category

  • You may want to show all the U10 boys and girls games.  If so, you may select multiple categories by holding down the [CTRL] key while clicking on the category names.  This will select multiple categories

Searching for multiple dates, game times, or locations.

  • There are two features that help you display multiple dates, times, or locations.  In the selection box, you will see one entry that is a straight line (-------).  If you select this option, it means "show me all records".

  • The other useful feature is next to the date, game time, and location boxes.  The default is a [ --- ] but if you click on the drop down, you will find that you can select [ > ] or [ < ].  Suppose you only wanted to display games that are at 11am or earlier.  Click on [11:20 am] in the time box and then [<] in the modifier box.  Note that the modifier is [< LESS THAN] not [<= LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO].  That is why you must pick the next larger time, etc.

Above each game listed is a category link [ e.g. U10G]

  • Click on this link to send an email to the referee administrator for this category / age group.


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